Iti’s story is that of every modern woman, who is smart, strong, independent, experimental, and, above all, fashionable. Iti, which literally means ‘a happy culmination of things’ in Sanskrit, wants every woman to celebrate every second of her life by dressing special, and see it culminating into memorable moments. We understand your many struggles, hardships, joys, achievements, passions, and the many highs and lows of your life.

We know that dressing is in itself a celebration. And, we celebrate you!

Every woman is beautiful, irrespective of those extra inches or deeper skin tone. But she still walks with those unspoken inhibitions and reservations. We understand it all and thus intend to dress the real you … the real you, not one shade lighter, not one inch taller, not a few inches smaller. Iti wants to dress you as you are!

Iti is born out of the desire to dress every woman chic and classy, yet comfortable. And, it strives to have every woman say just four simple words — Iti is so me!

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The core team of Iti comprises Iti and Neha, two extremely talented sisters, whose understanding of style and fashion is beyond what’s taught in the four walls of design schools.

Iti and Neha believed that they were no different from any other woman, and could thus get to the core of what every woman needs — style with comfort.


Iti, the brand, is an extension of these two independent, strong-minded women. It mirrors their determination and grit to never give up, just like any other woman. This strength in character reflects in the brand’s designs cuts, silhouettes, and styles, which are all so distinctive and graceful.

Iti, the brand, is inspired by its makers, and Iti’s makers are inspired by you, the modern woman!


Our journey has been a work in progress. There isn’t one particular day that we can specifically term as our Eureka or ‘Aha’ moment. It has been a journey of innumerable such moments…at every step of the way.

What makes Iti special is that there’s something unique for every woman, across body types and shapes, and skin tones. From the very first stitch, we are sure that we are creating something for a woman who doesn’t simply wear a piece of clothing to cover her body, but likes to flaunt that dress or top, and make it speak miles about her.

This passion in you to dress fashionably is what

drives us to create cuts and silhouettes

that are truly inimitable.

We understand you!