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Each brand has a story, for me, my story is the brand. This brand is just a reflection of life, desires and dreams. The dream to overcome oneself, the desire to prove to the world what you are capable of. And yes we all can do it just by being ourselves. After working in the retail industry for quite sometime, I have left my job to discover myself, to discover iti.. And after few or rather lots of ups and downs, I realized it was all about me or about oneself. During that time I learnt a lot about love, life and above all myself. I have realized that the best part about me is myself. When you do realize that, it does wonders to you. I want every girl to realize and believe this. Let not any guy, person, event or thing take away that confi-dence. Because the best part about her, is herself... that's my brand motto and philosophy.. "Iti..be you.." 'coz that's your best part. This brand, stands for the confident, smart, sexy, intelligent, gorgeous and above all a happy woman, who may or may not be perfect, but is proud of herself. Who does believe in making her own mistakes, falling down and then getting up and running again. The brand and the collec-tion is inspired from life and the various aspects of life. Each of the design has a story, a philosophy and they each represent a character. When you would browse through them you would be able to identify a part of you, a part of your character. So let's wear our character and show the world, we are bold, sexy and smart and become editors of our life coz we all are brand by ourselves.
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